About ITSco – Direct Importer & Distributor of Premium Pet Products in Vietnam

ITSco is developing an extensive, nation-wide sales and distribution network for food and non-food pet products in Vietnam.


Position our company to become recognized as the national leader in the sales, distribution and marketing of pet products in Vietnam.

ITSco guiding objective:

Provide our customers premium selections of pet food & pet care products in Vietnam.

Vendors and Distribution Network

We service customer accounts through a network of retail pet stores, veterinary clinics, and super / hyper markets. We also cater to a growing pet care professionals including breeders, pet-sitters, pet groomers and trainers.

The essential core of our customer services is the direct sales of pet products to the homes of pet owners in Vietnam. This creates a direct relationship with pet owners as we learn more about the growing population of pet owners in Vietnam.

ITSco will also create a nation-wide mobile fleet of motorbike couriers that will regularly deliver pet products to pet owners in the major urban regions of Vietnam.

Adding that extra value in our services

We provide many value-added services, including a well-trained staff of sales people who possess knowledge of our vendors products. We deeply value our relationships with our customers as we encourage caring and responsible pet ownership. More and more pet owners in Vietnam treat their pets like their own children developing strong social responsible pet ownership.

We also offer all international pet product producers and vendors a complete business and marketing solution in the sales and distribution of your pet goods in Vietnam. Further, we provide a broad range of supporting pet care educational content for pet owners in Vietnam through our affiliate pet-escape

ITSco provides a complete service solution for Market Entry into the Pet Industry of Vietnam

  • Consultations: Strategy, Planning and Implementation
  • Sales, Distribution and Logistics
  • Marketing: creative communication and promotion

ITSco’s Clients and their Brands

  • Canada Litter

Contact ITSco at info@vinapetportal.vn or by our Pet Products in Vietnam Inquiry Form