Pet Care Industry in Vietnam will 10% growth in the years to come From recent market research from the EuorMoniter International marketing research agency , based in London (UK), they see a above average growth and over 10% annually for the pet industries in such countries as India, Bangladesh, Columbia, Thailand and VIETNAM. Investors in.. read more →

Vietnam Championship Dogshow 2016. July 9 & 10. Saigon. A special feature on the first day of this two day champion dog show in Vietnam included the ‘Rare Dog Breeds Clubs’ in Vietnam showcasing the Native Dog Breeds of Vietnam: the Phu Quoc Ridgeback and H’mong dogs. Nhà tổ chức / ORGANIZER Vietnam Kennel Association.. read more →

Three special dog breeds native to Vietnam, the Phu Quoc Ridgeback, H’mong and Bac Ha Dogs There are a few living national treasures in Vietnam that people know very little. They have their origins and history steeped in myth, legend and folklore from indigenous cultures. They are brave and strong hunters, fierce protectors and loyal.. read more →

Native Dog Breeds of Vietnam Dog Show featuring the Phu Quoc Ridgeback and the Hmong dog breeds held in Hanoi, Vietnam Hanoi. April 23 / 24, 2016. The Native Dog Breeds of Vietnam Club held their annual Vietnam Native Dog Championship Dog Show 2016 in Hanoi, Vietnam (capital city of Vietnam). The two day event.. read more →

‘Cut and Sew- Vietnam’ – Pet Apparel and Accessories What is the Cut and Sew manufacturing process? And why Vietnam? Cut and sew manufacturers, commonly referred to as cut and sew apparel contractors, create apparel and accessories out of materials owned by the companies that contract them. The main difference between this industry and other.. read more →

Introduction of Premium CANADIAN Pet Products into Vietnam Canada Litter Inc., based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada are the manufacturers of a premium cat litter product line that includes Canada Litter and Euro Litter. They also have created the ergonomically designed NoBa Cat Litter Scoop, all Made in Canada. Canada Litter has introduced a a new.. read more →

Vietnam Championship Dog Show 2015 | October 3 & 4 Saigon – The largest biannual dog show was held this past weekend showcasing the best of the best of dog breeds in Vietnam. Professional dog breeders and their handlers arrived from many Asian countries such as Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia participating in the Vietnam.. read more →

27 Sep 2015
September 27, 2015

Vietnam Animal Welfare Conference 2015

Animal Welfare Conference Vietnam 2015 Report from the second annual Animal Welfare Conference Vietnam 2015. The event was held at the historic Continental Hotel (1880) in downtown Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) on September 26 and 27th, 2015. The event was co-sponsored by HSI Asia (Humane Society International) and YDV ( Yêu Động Vật) a.. read more →

Canada Litter – a clumping litter product for cats Canada Litter’s promotional slogan “Polar Bears. Hockey. World-class clumping cat litter. Canada’s gift to the world”. We would like to add, “Canada’s special gift to cat owners in Vietnam”. Here at Me Thu Cung, we have tried all the cat litters that were available in Vietnam.. read more →

There are a number of market entry business strategies you can investigate in Vietnam to improve your bottom line for your pet product production. From considering the low cost manufacturing of your pet products, to sourcing Vietnam agricultural markets for pet food and supplement ingredients to considering sourcing companies in Vietnam to produce your pet.. read more →