ITSco Provides Opportunities in Vietnam for International Pet Product Manufacturers & Suppliers

In Vietnam pet ownership is steadily growing in Vietnam. In the last 5 years, more and more passionate pet owners are buying and adopting mostly western dogs and cats.

They are also looking for more choice in pet products and pet care consumer education.

The rising trend of pet humanisation in Vietnam and the increasing willingness, especially amongst young pet owners, to spend their disposable income on pets is creating demand for premium pet products and services, especially in the area of pet food products.

However their is a problem of supply: pet owners in Vietnam demands are not being fulfilled. Here lies the opportunity for international pet product manufactures to supply growing markets of very young and enthusiastic pet owners wanting the best for their dogs and cats.

ITSco can help you get your Pet Products into Vietnam to be enjoyed by a growing markets of pet owners

For international pet products manufacturers, market entry into developing economies presents many unknown barriers and obstacles. Every new and experienced exporter encounters barriers in any form of market entry, even in markets similar in language and cultural attributes. However, the problems are compounded in doing business with a country with very different language and cultures, such as Vietnam.

Benefits of working with ITSco (International Trade Solutions Co., Ltd.)

  • WE consist of Expat business professionals with long histories of living, working and operating businesses in Vietnam. And we also passionate and experienced pet owners in Vietnam
  • Our English speaking personnel trained in western business practices (No lost in translation scenarios) we also use Western management principles and practices so we understand the Pet Industry
  • Very few agencies offer a complete package of services in marketing, publishing and trade for Vietnam
  • We offer a first mover opportunity for your company in many sectors of the pet industry in Vietnam

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