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Canada Litter - Odor Control plus

Odour Control

Canada Litter naturally controls odours. We added a light baby powder scent to keep the litter box and house even fresher.

Instant Clumping

Canada Litter clumps so fast you won’t have to empty and clean the litter box because the liquids stick to the sides or sink to the bottom. The clumps it makes are so strong that they will not fall apart as like other cat litters.

Canada Litter absorbs moisture fast and effectively leaving the rest of the litter clean, dry and untouched.

Long Lasting and Safe

The irregular size of Canada Litter makes it absorbs liquids quicker than other similar products. Doing so, it uses less material and therefore is more economical. The natural mineral has no silica additive and is not harmful for pets and humans.

Canada Litter is made from natural sodium bentonite.

Where to Buy in Vietnam

Canada Litter, a company from Canada, was founded in 2003 as part of the privately owned LOC Corporation Group, also present in the Hospitality Industry, Consumer Goods and Health Industry.

Canada Litter Inc. develops, produces and distributes its products in over 30 countries around the world. Its brands Canada Litter™ and Eurolitter™ now being known for their quality in the fastest growing markets.

Canada Litter

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Product Review: Canada Cat Litter – a clumping litter product for cats

Canada Litter’s promotional slogan “Polar Bears. Hockey. World-class clumping cat litter. Canada’s gift to the world”. We would like to add, “Canada’s special gift to cat owners in Vietnam”. Here at Me Thu Cung, we have tried all the cat litters that were available in Vietnam over the last 4 years; some are still sold and some are not. Generally, we (and our cats too) are not impressed with any. However, we have to say, without a doubt, that Canada Litter is 5 Star Cat Litter.

In writing this review we used Canada litter in 3 large cat litter trays and for 6 cats. We buy the 6 kg bag which fills each tray perfectly (about half the height of the tray). We are also using a ‘demo’ NoBa Litter Scoop (not available in Vietnam) from Canada Litter. We will review this scoop product in an upcoming Product Review, once it becomes available in Vietnam. It seems that using Canada Litter has removed many of the smelly and messy tasks you have to experience in taking care of your cat’s washroom. And I really think the cats enjoy the texture of the cat litter too, which is very sandy and refined compared to other cat litters. The grain size of the litter is smaller and does not stick to their paws, where they can carry it all over the house, which is not healthy for cat owners, especially for pregnant mothers.

There are two important features that you should consider in a cat litter: odour absorption and removal, and the clumping of cat’s urine into scoopable pieces for easy disposal and cleaning of the cat litter tray.

Controlling the odours from a tray of cat litter is important. If you do not control the odour, the smell will move throughout your home. Canada Litter’s odour control is exceptional. Even after 5 or 6 days of daily usage, there is very little odour near the litter tray. In fact, the litter stays effective in odour control longer than other cat litters. But to achieve this you must clean the cat litter tray every day: removing the urine clumps and excrement. Since there is very little odour and the litter efficiently creates strong clumps of litter, it simply takes less than 5 minutes to clean, with no sickly feelings produced. They also added a light baby powder scent to the cat litter leaving a fresh aroma.

The clumping action of Canada Litter is quite amazing. The litter gathers all the liquid from the cat’s urine quickly and into solid clumps that never fall apart. This clumping action also keeps the rest of the litter dry and ready for use for another waiting cat. This also keeps the cat litter tray from getting dirty and smelly over time. This is the real secret to Canada Litter; the quick absorption and control of urine from the area where the cat urinates, not allowing the spread to other areas of the litter tray.

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