Pet Products Sales & Distribution in Vietnam

Development of a Sales & Distribution Network for Pet Products in Vietnam

The building of a sales and distribution network for pet related goods, service and information in Vietnam is a number one priority in developing the pet industry in Vietnam. Major nodes of this network should include the two major urban regions of Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and Hanoi where the majority of pet owners live.

Vietnam has a population of over 90 million with over 35% of her population under 30 years old: these pet owners prefer to buy their pet products in modern retail outlets. The combined population of the Saigon and Hanoi and the second tier of urban city regions in Vietnam that include Hai Phong, Can Tho, Da Nang, Bien Hoa, Nha Trang, Buon Ma Thuot, Hue and Thai Nguyen is over 25 million.

Vietnam also has the second largest rate of ownership of dogs per capita in Asia

A Pet Products distribution network in Vietnam would consist of these points of retail sales:

Veterinaries (Small Animal Care Clinics)
These agencies range from a small 2 to 3 employee clinical team to larger agencies with multiple locations. All of these clinics sell pet food and care products to supplement their revenue.

Government Veterinarians
No-thrills vet agencies. They also sell pet food and care products in limited quantities. They also sell vaccines and medicines.

Small Pet Shops
This type of sales outlet for pet food products are in the majority throughout Vietnam. They range from a small shop with limited products for sale to larger shops with multiple locations.

Large Food / Hyper Stores that have pet food sections
There are large food / hyper supermarkets in Vietnam, both foreign and local, few are listed below:
Big C (France)
Coop (Vietnam)
Metro Cash and Carry Vietnam (Germany)
Citimart (Vietnam)
Lotte Mart (S. Korea)

Within a few years, the largest retailer in Japan Aeon will open retail outlets. Along with E-Mart from South Korea and Auchan from France.

Convenience Stores
Circle K (Canada)
Shop & Go (Vietnam)
Family Mart (Japan)
CP Fresh Mart (Vietnam)

Breeders and Trainers

Outdoor Markets (Wet)
Most women who prepare meals buy their food at wet markets almost on a daily basis. Large and busy wet markets, are at a small scale points of sales of pet products.

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